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Welcome to Clark’s Lamporium, the place where some people’s rubbish is turned into other people’s treasure.

    Using recycled materials such as empty bottles, old copper and reclaimed wood, I build beautiful, bespoke and unique lamps tailored to every style and occasion.

My lamps are built bespoke to order, tailored to every customer’s individual taste and requirements.

    Have that special bottle in your life?

    A wedding champagne bottle perhaps, or a graduation whisky, perhaps your first Buckfast?
    Perhaps you wish to mark a special occasion?

    A wedding? A birthday? A house warming perhaps?

    Send your bottle to me and I’ll immortalise it into a work of art for the ages.

And don’t feel limited to bottles, I have built lamps out of all types of things, including musical instruments, car parts and brass ornaments.

Clark Cooper

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